Rental Information

The facilities at The Res may be rented by individuals, groups, and businesses. The Res is a great place for events such as corporate retreats, weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, family reunions, and more!

We have created a list of caterers and other vendors in the area who can assist you with your event. There are many other local caterers and vendors who may be able to provide services for events at The Res in addition to those on the list. Please note that alcohol is not allowed on The Res property.

List of Vendors

Rental Fees

Jernegan Lodge
Monday-Friday: $175 for 5 hours (accommodates 70)
Saturday-Sunday: $175 for 5 hours (accommodates 70)

Lions Cabin: $100 per night (sleeps 24)
Kiwanis Cabin: $75 per night (sleeps 12)
Emmans Cabin: $30 per night (sleeps 12)
Jeremiah’s Cabin: $30 per night (sleeps 20)
The Meadow and Pavilion: $30 per hour
Dave Norris Amphitheater: $10 per hour (seats 50)

The Tri Kappa Nature Center is free for educational and youth organizations (accommodates 20).

Please contact us with any questions regarding rental rates, availability, or facilities!


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