The Res

Gearing up for Spring at The Res! We are looking for the woods coming to life and the smell of green in the air.

At the annual Board meeting we replaced several Board Members.

We would like to thank Kaleb Chamberlin, Melissa Johnson, Chloe Barker & David Hawkins for their time, dedication and work at The Res for the last several years.


April 17th and April 24th, 2021

We will be working on invasive removal and invite all to help!

Please contact the office to give us a heads up on who is coming.

We are always in need of volunteers. If you are an individual, family or group that would be interested giving some of your time to help at The Res, please contact the office (574)259-1850.

Tasks include:

  • Removal of Invasive plants
  • mulching
  • trail maintenance
  • building maintenance
  • trash pickup

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