Facility Rental Rates

Across our 23 acres, there are facilities and outdoor spaces for rent by groups, schools, and the general public. We can accommodate many types of groups and events including youth camps, church services and retreats, weddings, family gatherings, baby showers, graduation and birthday parties, work retreats, field trips, and nature walks. Feel free to have a photography session, or walk the trails and explore the grounds. Please ahead call to schedule. The trails and meadow are occasionally closed during events.

We have created a list of caterers and other vendors in the area who can assist you with your event. There are many other local caterers and vendors who may be able to provide services for events at The Res in addition to those on the list. List of Vendors

Please contact us with any questions regarding rental rates, availability, or facilities!

Payment Policy

  • If your rental fee is less than or equal to $100, all payment and contract is due to secure your date.
  • If your rental fee exceeds $100, $100 and contract is due to secure your date, and the remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your event date. (ex: Rental fees = $300 for April 30th $100 and contract due to secure your date, remaining $200 due May 30th.)

Rental Rates

Jernegan Lodge: $300 per day. There are ten 6-foot tables and one 8-foot table along with 60 black padded folding chairs included with Jernegan Lodge rentals.
The Meadow and Pavilion: $25 per hour or $100 for an afternoon
Dave Norris Amphitheater: $25 per hour (seats 50)
Tri Kappa Nature Center is free for educational and youth organizations (accommodates 20)

The Meadow

Overnight Facilities/Camping

We do not book overnight stays with the general public. The Res is a Youth Camp Nature Preservation. If you are with the Girl/Boy Scouts, school, church, or organization that serves the youth and their environmental education, we can accommodate you!

Lions Cabin: $150 per night (sleeps 24)
Kiwanis Cabin: $125 per night (sleeps 12)
Emmans Cabin: $50 per night (sleeps 12)
Jeremiah’s Cabin: $50 per night (sleeps 20)
Tent Camping: $25 per group, per night

Please contact us with any questions regarding rental rates, availability, or facilities!

Shelter and Campsite

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