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All individuals who make a donation of $25 or more through our annual Membership Drive become Res members for a period of one year. You will receive our e-newsletter and information about upcoming events at the Res. Membership donations help us carry out our mission of preserving a natural place where outdoor education and recreation work side-by-side to establish an outdoor ethic in our community, especially among our youth, to enhance the wonders of nature in us all.

2018 Members

$250 Maple Supporter

  • James Lies
  • John and Gale Schalliol
  • David and Sarah Schroeder in memory of Kirk Torian
  • Bob Shriner
  • Philip and Patricia Skodinski
  • Bob LeRoy, Wearly Monuments

$100 Cedar Supporter

  • Richard Deardorff
  • JoAnn Cook
  • Chas and Amber Grundy
  • Jane Anne Hanes
  • James Lies
  • Donald and Donna McCampbell
  • R. Wyatt and Elaine Mick
  • Dennis and Barbara Norkus
  • Karen Roose in memory of Bruce Chamberlin
  • Joseph and Clarice Ruppe
  • Steve and Donna VanBruaene
  • Robert and Karen Watson
  • Lisa Westfall
  • Allen Wigent
  • Dawn Wigent

$50 Supporter

  • Bev Buysse
  • John and Adele Cochran
  • Dave and Catherine DeFauw
  • Gordon and Janet Hoke
  • Martha Kline in memory of Miss Porter
  • Charles Lehman
  • Del and Nancy Meyer
  • John Miller
  • Pam Pawlowski in memory of Art and Lois Pawlowski
  • Mike and Stef Person
  • Carol Shaw in memory of Jerry Shaw
  • Christine Smith in memory of the Emmert Family
  • Daniel Towner
  • Richard and Bonnie VanZant

$25 Dogwood Supporter

  • James Scott, Jr. in honor of all veterans
  • Louie and Cheryl Beehler
  • Marjorie Berkheiser
  • David and Tracy Chase
  • Joan Dunbar
  • Phyllis Himshoot
  • Billie Jean Hurt in memory of Kenneth C. Hurt
  • Mellissa Johnson
  • Jose Juarez
  • Pat and Tessa McGann
  • Burton and Betty Miller
  • Ben Modlin
  • Eric Mroczek
  • Beiger P.T.A.


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