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All individuals who make a donation of $25 or more through our annual Membership Drive become Res members for a period of one year. You will receive our e-newsletter and information about upcoming events at the Res. Membership donations help us carry out our mission. The Res provides our community with a natural space to facilitate education, recreation, and nature appreciation.

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2022 Members

$5500 Community Congregational~ Donation

$5000 JP Morgan Charitable Giving~ Donation

$1642 Whole Foods~ Grant

$955 Dec-O-Art~ Donation

$500 Rotary~ Donation

$500 Christopher B Burke Engineering~ Donation

$415 Anniversary Event~ Donation

$250 Wearly Monuments (Bob LeRoy)~ Donation

$1000 Oak

Robert Shriner

Naomi Rae~ In memory of Phil Rae

$500 Tulip Poplar

Jim Olsen


Jane Anne Hanes

Dave and Ashley Cochran

$250 Maple

John Schalliol~ In memory of Wilbur Schalliol

Janet Hoke

Butch Breedlove

Joseph and Clarice Ruppe


Beth & David Schwier

$100 Cedar

Lions Club~ In Memory of Peg VanNevel

Cathleen Decina

Karen Roose~ In memory of JR Spencer

Karen and Larry Mowery

Barb and Dennis Norkus

Sara Felabom

Cindy Cochran

Adele Cochran

Susan Cline

Anonymous~ In honor of 1960’s Boy Scout Camping

John Miller

Judith Heying

Dan Towner

Elizabeth LeRoy

Tony and LouAnn Hazen

Alan Wigent

Daniel and Rebecca Dosmann

Chuck Lehman & Lehman

Pat Canright

Donald Inks

Mary Lou Wood

David and Sarah Schroeder


Lynn Shram

$50 Redbud

Matt and Shirley Armiento

Amanda Serenevy

Grant and Linda Ruth

Dave and Mary Weber

Jill Spencer

Kelsey and Dan Peters

Deb Melin Krebs~ In memory of Russel Melin

Danny and Maggi Van Zant

Brain and Debbie Campoli

Gary Metzler

Gary O’Dell

Lina Marchi

Mickey and George Roelandts

Marjorie Berkheiser

Carol Shaw~ In memory of Jerry Shaw

Stephanie Person

Elaine Mick

Lisa Westfall


Lindsey Deitchley


Barry Wertz


Sarah Steinke

$25 Dogwood

East United Methodist Church~ Donation

Andrew Mars

Cassidy Richard

Alisha and Pat Brownwell

Billie Hurt~ In memory of Kenneth Hurt

Thompson~ In memory of Sadie McCann

Burton Miller

Hillary and Tamara Asher

Clara Bingaman~ In honor of Jane Anne & Emily Hanes

Richard and Bonnie Van Zant

Lucy Murray~ In memory of Eric Murray

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