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All individuals who make a donation of $25 or more through our annual Membership Drive become Res members for a period of one year. You will receive our e-newsletter and information about upcoming events at the Res. Membership donations help us carry out our mission of preserving a natural place where outdoor education and recreation work side-by-side to establish an outdoor ethic in our community, especially among our youth, to enhance the wonders of nature in us all.

2017 Members

$250 Maple Supporter

  • John and Gale Schalliol
  • Bob LeRoy
  • Joseph and Clarise Ruppe, Jr.
  • Philip and Patricia Skodinski
  • Donna Hums
  • Dave and Beth Schwier
  • James Lies

$100 Cedar Supporter

  • Chas and Amber Grundy
  • Scott Wisthuff
  • Patricia LeRoy
  • Jeffrey LeRoy
  • Robert and May Beutter
  • Dana Barton
  • Wyatt and Elaine Mick
  • Art and May Ellen Yeakey
  • Mary Lou Wood
  • Robert and Karen Watson
  • Judy Heying
  • Gordon and Janet Hoke
  • Donald and Donna McCampbell
  • JoAnn Cook
  • Dennis and Barbara Norkus
  • Larry and Aniela Berreth
  • Jane Anne Hanes

$50 Supporter

  • Jacob Crawford
  • Patricia Canright
  • John and Adele Cochran
  • Del and Nancy Meyer
  • John Miller
  • Larry Phenegar
  • Bill and Elizabeth Schalliol
  • Dean and Amanda Serenevy
  • Daniel Towner
  • Dan and Maggi Van Zant
  • Richard and Bonnie Van Zant
  • Sara Felabom
  • Debora Fox
  • Tim Holtz
  • Chuck Lehman
  • Gary O’Dell
  • Stan Ross
  • Patricia Tassell
  • Susan Cline
  • Dave and Catherine DeFauw

$25 Dogwood Supporter

  • Mellissa Johnson
  • Billie Jean Hurt
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • Bev Buysse
  • James Scott, Jr.
  • Matt and Shirl Armiento
  • Cathleen Decina
  • Dean Hans
  • Carol Shaw
  • Nick Marchi
  • Betty Melin
  • Steve Budd
  • Joan Dunbar
  • Al Miller
  • Loren Priest
  • Gary and Christine Smith
  • Leonard Vevaet
  • Dorothy Wiekamp
  • Kaleb Chamberlin
  • Ben Modlin
  • Jose Juarez
  • Barry and Becky Wertz
  • Josie Klink

Rosemary Klaer Memorials

William, Kyle, Ted Alexander, and Kathy Balasa
Deborah Breedlove
Patsy Downing
Denny and Patti Fisher
Daryl and Anne Garrett
John and Wanda Gorham
Jon and Edwina Kintner
John and Judith Lehner
Elaine and Wyatt Mick
M.H.S. Class of ‘62
Sharon Veith


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