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All individuals who make a donation of $25 or more through our annual Membership Drive become Res members for a period of one year. You will receive our e-newsletter and information about upcoming events at the Res. Membership donations help us carry out our mission. The Res provides our community with a natural space to facilitate education, recreation, and nature appreciation.

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2021 Members

$1000 Oak

Robert Shriner

$500 Tulip Poplar

$300- Armimoto INC.

$250 Maple

Janet C Hoke

James Olson


Beth & David Schwier

Ashley & David Cochran


Elaine D. Mick

$100 Cedar

Aniela Berreth – in memory of: Larry Berreth

David & Sarah Schroeder- Marian “Kirk” Torian

Alan Wigent

Patricia M Canright

J.L Heying

Daniel R. Towner

Robert A Watson

John A Miller

Gary O’Dell

Patricia A Nemeth

Thomas P Driscoll

Jane Anne Hanes

Bev Buysse

$50 Redbud

Adele J Cochran

Susan Cline- Endowment fund

Dave Weber

Margo Ferguson

Arthur C. Yeakey

Ellen Christine Smith- honor of the Emmert family- Endowment Fund


Pam Pawlowski


D.A. Philips

$25- Richard & Bonnie Van Zant

Norma J. Juarez

Berry & Rebecca Wertz

Burton Miller

Amy Acrey

Jason Weaver

2020 Members

$1000 Oak

Robert Shriner in memory of Sally Shriner


Donna Hums

$250 Maple

Elaine Mick

Joseph and Clarice Ruppe

David and Beth Schwier in memory of the Dosmann Family


Rebekah Cunningham

$100 Cedar

Lou and Cheryl Beehler

Ed and Kim Chamberlin

Jane Anne Hanes

Tony and LouAnn Hazen

Drew Johnson, IP Solutions
Martha Kline in memory of Helen Porter

Chuck Lehman, Lehman & Lehman, Inc.

Elizabeth LeRoy

Robert LeRoy, Osceola Wearly Monuments, LLC

John A. Miller

Dennis & Barbara Norkus

Jeff and Raelee Rea

Mr. Lynn Schram

Sarah Schroeder

Christine Smith

Bob and Karen Watson

Lisa Westfall

$50 Redbud

Sara Felabom in memory of Alden Felabom

Janet Hoke

Jon and Edwina Kintner

Gary Metzler

Mishawaka PTA Council

Patricia Nemeth

Pam Pawlowski

Stephanie Person

Carol Shaw in memory of Jerry Shaw

Dan Towner

$25 Dogwood

Beiger PTA

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Juarez

Betty Melin

Mr. Burton Miller

James Scott

Amanda and Dean Serenevy

Richard and Bonnie Van Zant

Barry and Becky Wertz

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