Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Res consists of 15 members who represent individuals from the local community, Friends of the Res, and Charter Members of the Preservation of the Res, Inc. Board members are elected to two year terms at our annual meeting each February.

2018-2019 Board Members

Name Affiliation
Janet Hoke, President Charter Member – 1st Methodist
Bob LeRoy, Vice President Charter Member – BK Club
Bob Shriner, Treasurer Friend of the Res
Butch Breedlove Charter Member – Family
Kaleb Chamberlin, Secretary Charter Member – MEA
Jacob Crawford Friend of the Res – Family
R. David DeFauw Charter Member – DeFauw Family
Chas Grundy Member at Large
Michelle Hartwig Charter Member – Camp Fire
Mellissa Johnson Member at Large
Nick Marchi Friend of the Res
Eric Mroczek Member at Large
Lisa Westfall Friend of the Res
Christian Hawkins Junior Board Member
Dominic Wileman Junior Board Member

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